How do I license music from Morning Music’s libraries?

The music we supply via physical or digital formats is copyrighted material which requires a licence for any re-recording, dubbing, or synchronization with visuals. To license our music, users must fill out a Request For Clearance form and return it to us by email, fax, or regular mail. We allow 30 days for payment of an invoice, and, once we have received payment, the invoice converts into a valid licence. We then pay the composers whose music was included in your production or the libraries to which they are contracted.

What if I am doing a production for broadcast or theatrical use?

If the production is scheduled for broadcast or theatrical use, we also require a cue sheet which details all the music used in the production. We will only bill you for our music. After we have reviewed the cue sheet for accuracy, we will send it back to you and it is your responsibility to file it with SOCAN.

How much does it cost to use your music?

The fees shown on our rates card apply to each use of our music that is 30 seconds or less in duration (a.k.a., a “drop”).

First, determine which category your production* falls into, e.g., television commercial buy-out. Next, decide the territory to be covered (Canada, Canada & U.S.A., World). At the intersection of your desired category and territory is the cost per 30 seconds.

Don’t see your production category listed on our rates card? Contact us. Our rates card covers only our most standard uses, so we’re glad to discuss a cost to fit the particulars of any kind of project.

If you have any other questions about out rates card or rate calculations, again, contact us.

*Note that alternate versions of the same production (i.e., when script, language, and/or visuals changes have been made) which use the same soundtrack require additional licensing.

How can I access your music?

Most production music libraries organise their music into albums by genre or theme. Because we represent so many different libraries from around the world, there is no single way to access all our libraries at once nor can they all be accessed in the same way. Some of our most popular libraries have extensive online databases where users can search and download, others offer external, fully loaded hard drives, while a few others can only be accessed by Morning Music staff.

We recommend that you browse our libraries page to see which libraries you might be interested in using and then contact us to discuss your access options. Once we know your production needs, we might also be able to better match you with a particular library.

What if I can’t find what I’m looking for or I’m in a hurry?

Contact us with any stylistic, genre, or sound-alike requests and we’ll do all the searching for you. Once we’ve compiled a list of suggestions, we’ll make them available for you to audition through email or on the web. There is no obligation to use our music and no consultation fee for the first hour.

What if our budget is really tight?

Nothing should stand in your way when you want to use our service. Contact us with your production’s details and we’ll work hard to give you the best possible. You can also always license a work in stages since we offer supplemental rates for certain types of previously licensed productions.

Finally, why choose Morning Music?

Great music is what you want, and that’s what we provide you each and every time you call. Unlike royalty-free libraries or annual blankets, our highly knowledgeable staff will custom search and select music for your project from among all of our libraries – all of which meet the highest broadcast-quality production standards. With our services, you’ll know that no possibility has been overlooked and you’ll get the perfect soundtrack for your production.

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