Rules & Regulations


The music we provide is protected by two types of copyrights. The copyright in the Musical Work and the copyright in the Sound Recording. Although some Musical Works are in the Public Domain, copyright still exists in the Sound Recording. A license to re-record or dub any of our selections must be obtained from us by following the prescribed procedure and payment of the applicable fees set out on our invoice. We reserve the right to charge higher rates when unauthorized use is found.

Requesting Clearance:

A “Request For Clearance” form (RFC) must be submitted to our office by email, fax or mail within 3 days of the final edit of the production. The form contains the pertinent information to enable us to issue the invoice and grant the license. Pursuant to the information submitted on the RFC an invoice will be issued. A use is not considered authorized until full payment is received and cleared at the bank.

Term of License:

In most instances, once full payment is received, the license is valid in perpetuity for unlimited quantities of the specific production. “Cycle” rates for commercials are for one continuous 13-week term from the date requested. Where no start date is requested we use the RFC date.


Rates are based on units of 30 seconds (or a part thereof), for each and separate use. Durations may not be totalled, even where the same title is used more than once. Different versions of the same production require separate clearances.


Unless you request a Buy-out, we automatically invoice for National – one cycle. Regional rates in Canada apply to client’s choice of (a) Ontario (b) Quebec (c) Maritimes (d) West. Regional rates in the U.S. apply to client’s choice of any one of the nine geographical regions. Self-Promo means a commercial promoting an upcoming program or the station itself. PSA means a commercial for a non-profit entity for which no fee is received by the broadcaster.

Music Cue Sheet:

Programs, which are for broadcast or theatrical use, also, require a music cue sheet to be filed with SOCAN. The cue sheet must list all the music in the production, not just the music supplied by us. SOCAN’s head office is located at, 41 Valleybrook Drive, Don Mills, Ontario M3B 2S6. A sample template for a cue sheet is available here.


Upgrades to a broader territory may be requested at any time. Credit for the original license fee may be applied up to one year from the date of the original clearance.