Soundstage (Amphonic)

AVF 172 Eastern Spice

AVAILABLE NOW: Capturing the exotic sounds and flavours of the magical Indian and Asian sub-continent. Exotic, ambient, moody, atmospheric and dramatic music blending original and authentic rhythms and melodies with a variety of traditional and contemporary mixes. A musical melting-pot of Eastern styles reflecting the intensity and colour of a dramatic and mystical region.

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AVF 171 Interludes

AVAILABLE NOW: A variety of orchestral instruments combine and blend emotions, moods and themes. Short instrumental interludes to complement classic drama, romance, historical, childhood, folk songs or prestigious productions where a quality soundtrack is required. Each track has been carefully arranged as to provide two jingles so each piece can be used either as a whole or a cut thus becoming two separate pieces. Dramatic, evocative, dreamlike and sometimes haunting, this inspirational collection is designed to enhance visual images portraying the natural environment, science, technology and the versatile exploration of current world issues.

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AVF 170 Comic Capers

AVAILABLE NOW: A fun-packed cavalcade of slapstick, humorous, zany and comical music with a variety of instrumentation. From a small combination to full orchestral style with an ample sprinkling of comedy samples, voices and FX. Jam-packed with light-hearted material providing a complete spectrum of comedy styles. The ultimate production for all forms of cartoon, animation, childrens, comedy, send-up and spoof programmes.

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