Morning Music Library

The Morning Music Production Library was released in 2003 and has been an enormous success. The most recent album was released in April 2006 and is called Contemporary Underscores. After repeated requests from producers for Canadian content music, we are proud to showcase some of Canada’s brightest composers bringing you an “All Canadian” music library.


MOR 107: Contemporary Underscores

Various grooves and beds with reduced mixed, 60 seconds, 30 seconds and string versions. Suitable for various productions; from corporate uplifting & motivational projects to hip TV productions.


MOR 106: The Promo Collection

A variety of promo cuts including many 30 and 60 second cuts from our initial releases and several additional tracks suitable for news and trailers.


MOR 105: Sports

High energy driving tracks suitable for sports, action and adventure series. Perseverance, drive, courage and toughness with explosive energy.


MOR 104: Corporate

From inspirational and ethereal electronic sounds to motivational orchestrated tracks. For corporate, media, news, lifestyle & technology.


MOR 103: Grooves

Urban jazz rich with bass-heavy grooves, classic keys, tasty solos and a hip production. This CD is both familiar and progressive at the same time. 30 sec. cuts are included.


MOR 102: World Beat

A beautiful blend of tribal sounds and modern rhythms. Hypnotic and percussive beats blend with voices and layers of keyboard pads. Instrumental versions and short cuts are also included.


MOR 101: Film Scores

On this CD you will find scoring music suitable for feature film, documentary, TV drama, corporate, trailers and more…The booklet includes descriptions and suitable visuals for each track, there are full-length versions with some 30 sec. cuts.